Brentwood High School
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Our History

Brentwood High School opened in the fall of 1928. At that time, the first students crossed Brentwood High School's columned portal which still stands today. As the number of pupils increased, it was necessary to add a south wing in 1930. In 1944, the small gymnasium was built. In 1954, more building took place with the addition of the north wing, the new gymnasium, and the football field. The school grew from a single building to a multi-building campus with the construction of twelve classrooms and an auditorium in 1961. The construction of the library, science labs, and additional classroom space was completed during the 1968-1969 school year.

Our School Emblem, Mascot, Flag, Colors and Crest
An American eagle serves as the emblem of the school and the athletic teams. Brentwood's own "Beaky" is the school mascot.

The school flag was purchased by Student Council in 1966. It was designed by two students, Kathy Willey and Jean Eves, who submitted the winning entry in a contest held by Student Council. The flag features the school colors of royal purple and new gold in two stripes separated by one of white. An eagle is in the center of the flag with the words "Brentwood High School" circling the eagle.

The school crest was designed during the 1988-89 school year. Ideas from Darrel Sauer, Shannon Johnson, and Ms. Mary Beth Powell were used. The crest features the eagle (spirit), an open book with the lamp of learning (education), a heart with clasped hands (friendship and caring), and a lighted torch (leadership and citizenship). The words "Quest for Excellence" tie these symbols together. The shield is encircled by laurel leaves, the traditional symbol of victory and success.

Our Community

Brentwood High School's success benefits immensely from the relationship between school and community. The support that the Brentwood community provides through volunteerism and attendance at school events plays an instrumental role in our success. Our "Home of the Eagles" is a small, community based, academic institution committed to preparing students to be globally competitive and prepared to make a positive impact in society. Our Brentwood community both supports and cultivates the achievement of this goal.