Career Exploration Programs

Looking to get hands-on experience in a career field? Check out the following career exploration programs to find an opportunity that fits your needs. 

EXPLORING: Exploring is a unique career exploration program for young men and women ages 14-20. The program provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn about a wide-variety of career fields (e.g. business, engineering, fire and EMS, health, law enforcement, skilled trades, and robotics) and network with professionals already working in those fields so that they can determine whether or not a particular career field is right for them. If interested in one of these career fields, contact Julie Monken at

Diversity Awareness Partnership EXPLORE Career Immersion ProgramEXPLORE is a free career immersion program for St. Louis high school students which connects students to industry leaders in the region. Students will spend 1-3 days with a business and have the opportunity to learn about potential career paths, hear personal stories from professional mentors, develop essential career-building skills that will help them succeed, build relationships that can lead to future internships, and understand why diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace.  For more information and to apply, visit the following website: Students of any background can apply, and the following programs are available: 

Accounting: 11/15/19
Baseball: 11/20/19 & 1/29/20
Bioscience: 1/24/20 & 2/19/20 & 3/10/20
Energy: 12/17/19 & 1/31/20 & 3/6/20
Financial Services: 1/22/20 & 2/12/20 & 3/4/20
Healthcare: 12/10/19 & 2/26/20
Law: Dates TBD in 2020