BHS Presentations

If you missed a College & Career presentation or would like  a copy of the slides, you can access them here. 

Introduction to College & Career: This presentation is targeted at juniors as they begin to explore life after high school. Topics covered: 2- and 4-year colleges, vocational/technical programs, career education programs, apprenticeships, joining the military, etc. and the requirements needed for each of these options. Additionally, viewers will find essential college and career preparation resources available to students and families. **Please note, that the cost information for STLCC was incorrect in the live presentation. The information has been corrected in the slides available here.**

College & Career 101: This presentation, targeted at seniors, focuses on applying to colleges, testing, asking for/obtaining letters of recommendation, the A+ Program, presenting yourself in the admissions process, Naviance, the Common Application, non-college options for life after high school, scholarships, financial aid, and other important information.