Most 4 year colleges/universities require an ACT or SAT score for admission purposes.  (All colleges will take ACT OR SAT.   Location of the college or advertised averages on a specific test, do not indicate that only one test is accepted. ) 

Most students will take an ACT or SAT several times before submitting college applications.  Students can begin taking the ACT whenever they feel ready, but most should begin no later than February of their junior year.   

To register for the ACT:

To register for the SAT:

There is a fee for the ACT and SAT which is paid for by the student or student's family.  (Some students may qualify for 2 fee waivers during their high school career.  Please contact the college counselor, if you think your child may qualify for a fee waiver.)    Brentwood does offer one  ACT test  during the school day for our juniors.  The cost for the test offered during the school day is covered by the district.