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Naviance is a unique web-based program that allows Brentwood High School students and their parents to begin planning for their post-high school education. Naviance provides information about careers, colleges, scholarships, and more.
Each student has been given (or has available) a username for Naviance.  Typically, the username is the student's e-mail address and password created by the student. Parents/Guardians can have accounts that link to the student's account.  If you would like an account on Naviance, please contact Emily Diaz at

Features Available Through Naviance: 

College Search  
Information on specific colleges  
            -Requirements for admission
        - Contact information
        - Costs
        - Majors
        - Application History (# of students accepted, denied and attending from past years, if available)

Strengths Explorer  
Career Cluster Finder 
Career Interest Profiler 
Explore Careers