College and Career

Welcome to the Brentwood College and Career Planning website, where you will find great tools on the internet aimed at helping you plan for college or a career when you graduate high school.

​​​Information on this page is targeted specifically at Brentwood High School students. Keep informed by frequently checking "College and Career Newslet​​ters" and  "College Visits to BHS" links.  ​Learn about great things students can tap into during the school year with "Upcoming College Events." ​​​Plan your summer break with "Pre-College Summers." Keep up to date on new financial aid opportunities with "Scholarship Notices." Plus, you'll find information on collegiate athletics, college entrance exams, and more! These links are updated as often as the college and career office has new information to share with you. 

For more information about Brentwood High School, please see our High School Profile.