Launch - Online Courses

Launch Courses - Online Courses through BHS

The Brentwood School District has partnered with Launch, a virtual academy that offers students quality online learning options at no cost to families. Launch courses meet both individual student needs and the need of our district to provide virtual course options to students. 

Brentwood High School students have the opportunity to enroll in the following virtual school courses: 

English Language Arts Credits

Films as Literature I 1.0

Films as Literature II 1.0

Creative Writing I 0.5

Creative Writing II 0.5

Contemporary Literature (H)1.0


World Languages Credits

Japanese I 1.0

Japanese II 1.0




Practical Arts Credits

Digital Communications 0.5

Web Design 0.5



Fine Arts Credits

Fine Arts Appreciations I 0.5

Fine Arts Appreciation II 0.5


Sciences Credits

Astronomy 1.0

Earth Science (H) 1.0


Social Studies Credits

Psychology of the Holocaust 1.0

World Geography 0.5


Electives Credits

ACT Prep0.5

Employment Internship 0.5

Volunteerism 0.5