BHS Academics

Brentwood High School College Prep
Comprehensive College Prep Curriculum:

Brentwood High School emphasizes a strong college preparatory curriculum that includes honors and college credit coursework. Individualized college planning conferences with Guidance personnel provide each student services to ensure an ideal post-secondary placement. More than 90% of BHS seniors enroll in college.

Dual College Credit Enrollment:
Students at Brentwood High School have the opportunity to earn college credit through the St. Louis University and UMSL dual enrollment programs. Students may earn up to 30 hours of college credit before graduation.
High Standards:

Brentwood High School requires more credits for graduation than many other districts and exceeds state requirements. Brentwood requires students to earn 28 units of credit; this is nearly a semester more than the state minimum of 25.

The comprehensive curriculum at BHS prepares our students for the college experience. Brentwood High School students' ACT scores are above the national averages. Graduates of BHS are actively recruited by colleges